"There are all those who are but are not all those who are...."- Not everyone living in Garepa-our home- because we beleave that the quality of life of any animal is a priority for a bulldog and there is no better life than living in family, at extent possible... Reason for which some of our bullies are ceded or co-owned and reside with friends and family.

Braña da Garepa Tom Son

S. Ch. Sp. Antón Lesca de Island Bull

D. Garepa das Estrelas do Montado

Braña da Garepa Chaman

   S. Ch. Kingrock Captain Cook J.W.

D. Braña da Garepa Paz do Bo "Karma"

 Braña da Garepa Delfos

Puppy Lisboa Winner

 S. Jr Ch Vox Populi Primus Inter Pares

D. Braña da Garepa Vilma

                                                        PAST STUD DOGS



Life in Garepa of our Antón

Glowlite Instant Magic "Max

S. Ch.Hobtop HeirApparent

D. Glowlite Sweet Sensation


Blokhead Bull Simply Irresistable "Tyson"             P. Ch.Merriveen Take Five        M.Hobtop Penny Lane                                

Ch. Esp.Antón Lesca de Island Bull