CH. Antón Lesca de Islandbull - Grandfather of Children and Champions Grandsons

        His descent will give him continuity and we will enjoy them triumphing in ring.

The last puppies of our  Tom, Braña da Garepa born in July 2009

Other Breeders

26 m  15 m  8 m

"Ch. Deltea Angel or Devil "  owned our friend David Argibay 

                              Deltea Bulldogs

       Edition of Luxe



Padre e hijo de 9 meses    Can Plus -Ch. Amelia de Can Plus 


Betty Boop: 2º Cl.Mon. Torrelavega) - Mejor Jóven en Medina de Pomar 06

      Island bull,









Braña da Garepa Merlín

Puppies Braña da Garepa 2006 Merlín  


        Manso                       Meniño                         Mariña                    Millo                    Moucho


            Lenzo                              Louro                                Lume                                Lusco       


          Lagóa                            Itaca                             Roi                          Toñín 3 m.                                       Ibero "Cáster"    

Others puppies 2008







Rocco: 1º Young Class Monográphic Canarias 2006 (Mrs. Brenda Pride-Eng)