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Thank you for coming into our corner. We are from Galicia (España) in the province of A Coruña. 

We live on the atlantic coast of the Ría de Muros-Noia, a cozy place where we breed our bulldogs.

This website is possible by the arrival in our life of our first bulldog " Braña" (Tuffnuts de Anniversary), 

Never imagine how special it could become live this lovely breed that would produce no change in our lives

Braña arrived from England in 1998.  

The name "Braña" is galician, meaning "land or wet meadow" common in the english countryside, where she arrived. 

By that time acquired land on which we built our home, cassually cally "Prairie of Garepa", 

which determined the name of our afix for breed "BRAÑA DA GAREPA".


Braña adapt perfectly to life by sharing with us: work, outings and trips, shopping, visiting friends and

 family, and of course being the host home more grateful and happy to receive those who came home.


For Braña started reading about the breed, their qualities, needs and strengths, its flaws and problems of breed. Gradually we have been opening up to a world completely unknown to us, we became increasingly attractive  and has gone arousing our interest in knowing more this ancient breed.

  This interest has led to the raising totally different from any other breed, at first with little information but with a willingness to learn and the need to be improving day by day to do with seriousness and responsability in this task. Permanently investigate the ancestors of our dogs, see where your genetic, descovering defects and qualities, constantly seek more information, all essential to take into account when making a crossing.

Always trying to do what we consider most appropriate and learn from mistakes to improve day by day. We sincerely thank our two good friends Susan and Nena, for bringing us to Braña from England with the hassle and work brings an dog imported from UK.

        And thanks to all those who believed in Braña and gave her love, making it possible to initiate us in raising this breed for us more and more special

                                                      Our Experiences in Pictures

Year 2000:  First litter with a totally different motivation to the rest

Year 2002: Second litter, an experience that has given decisions on our future and the vision of the breed.

 "Braña" has been an outstanding mother


The best mommy         After a hearty meal.. uff ..             I have the 8 together


              Playing with mommy                                   First foods             Yummy...


     As the bite hurts..             How hot nice and cool water    My favorite teddy

Year 2003:  Great grief for the loss of  Braña and Lucas and joy in the litter of our Broa

"We live with our dogs, we are one of the family, and we suffer the loss as such loss a family member"

" 4 large and painful losses....between 2003 and 2006, we will never forget......"

     Braña       Lucas      Dorna       and   Susi

Never forget what we have made and learned from them, but also could not getmore love for us....thanks for everything and felt find painful and dark side of everything surrounding the breeding


"Area" with 2 months leave of mommy ...has managed to reduce arrival of the painfor the loss of Braña,

Crusheds thanks for giving us the opportunity to have it when we need it most.

New litter, new experience...each one different


               Mummy Broa                                      Siesta in Garepa ...that life harder!!

         << Some babys of "Braña da Garepa" in 2002 - 2003>>



 Year 2004: Joy with the arrival of our second Crusheds "Susi" and loss of our Dorna in c-section with 10 babys,

which get out 4 forward, you see...this is so contonuous joys and sorrows

Eixe  "Son" abusing trust... Merla and Son

   Fatal attraction of the Garepa´s sofas

Year 2005: Arrival of Bruna, Antón and Buxa and Area litters, without major surprises although some disgust

Mom Buxa with bablys 7 days ......... and 5 weeks, great mother as her mommy"Braña " everything is inherited

......................and his 8 babys with 8 weeks


        Mom Area with her babys


Area babys 2005

                           Some nice moments                                                                          Character samples

  Solarium of Garepa

Hooked to the sun...........what danger!!!!!             

    Waiting....but not desperate


        Garepa  winter                   How commandeering the bed z z z

      The guardian of Garepa and nobility of  "Nordés"

Year 2006: Again joys and tears ...... and many, year in which unimaginable things have happened and still hard to believe both very positive and very, very negative - irreparable loss of our Susi and friends...

Results Monográph Galicia - 2006 - Robert Wain (GB) ¡¡¡ WONDERFUL STAFF AND AT HOME!!!

B.I.S. Club Winner Male "Ch. Antón " - B.O.B. Club Winner Female "Susi"

Podium de Cl. Open Bitch, 1ª, 2ª and 3ª - Our Excellents: "Susi", "Merla" y "Area" 

1ª Joung bitch Furna de B. da G., 3ª Joung bitch Grama de B.da G. and 3ª Joung Male Ferro de B. da G.

 Iscar -Valladolid (Mrs. Pat Perkins, Mr.&Mrs. Les & Dorrie Thorpe-GB)   


And life goes on......with beautiful and relaxing moments

Say they are taking bad ...............but we don`t believe, even collaborate and help to adopt other kids .....

After the storm, and the burdens comes the calm, thank goodness -Christmas 2006...for the cold is like where you can sleep..........


Experiences and babies of past litters , the end of 2006



Suffering, exhaustion, satisfaction and experienced......illusions of future....but nothing more tender than babies

We have been with a lot of work after over a year and a half without babies but it worth the wait....



       The heap that few...............when cool.........nothing better than a nap...together

Year 2007: Finally a break from litters at home, Tyson has proven our ability to reproduce with a Garepa and has given us joy

      All to .... At last spring ....







 Two boys ....... 2 girls.....what happiness to live in the countryside and Garepa....and ....not bad for a walk outside

Autumn in Garepa 

  with 9 mouths, doughterTyson and Braña da Garepa Faisca

 Braña da Garepa "Ninfa" Exc. 1ª Joung Cl. National  Monográphic2007 (Mr. Chris Carberry-GB)

Year 2008: Arrival of Max, new illusion, litter of Furna and our Antón  is reaffirmed as our stud .

For now we continue to enjoy most of the time with our best "friends -almost human" .

The guardian also rests, charming and noble character"Nordés" .....ever vigilant and protective,

...sunbathing touch and others 

You wanted something?? are you??

For me......I pass 

Garepa rides....and like sheep grazing

Spring in Garepa

And summer comes...nothing better than a good bath

in summer while some cool......others have other vices

Autumn love

Year 2009: The year begins and nothing better than starting the year with hopes ---and a good winter bath

Spring has brought as happens repeatedly in this breed joys and sorrows, our largest litter !!what a great joy ....and job too!

Deep sadness the passing of our dear Antón, who had won part of our heart and who delighted us with his presence every day,  our tribute to you Tonciño

But life goes on....and the daily work and our family dog requires close attention and many moments of recreation and consequent pleasure and satisfaction

  I´m going... 

uf...better a sunny nap.....the gestation in Garepa 

  the babies

the originals

López co-pilot..... waiting to ride, what a life more fortunate ...y Furna, divina always...


Year 2010: A new year, following a 2009 unforgettable for many emotions experienced, we return to normal without babies for a season and a cold winter  

Mincha also poses

Braña da Garepa Sella - "Porto Puppy Winner 2010" 

  After an exhausting walk ---a rest 

We are pleased that other owners of Garepos us be as happy as we ares with them and live together as a family member should live bulldogs

Year 2011: We started the year with great joy in years of exposure, thanks to our frined David Argibay who Sella has prepared to go to qexhibitions ans to Alipio Martinez has been an exceptional handler, our Sella has started the year winning the most important point for championship Portugal in the international exhibition and her first CACIB with 20 months.

          CAC-QC  CACIB J. Stefan Sinko (SI)


        After 2 years resting in breeding, decided to have children of our healthy Susú, giving us a beautiful litter of 7 beautiful puppies...and again reviving the wontherful experience of breeding and recalling the stressful moments at the same rewarding time for us involved in carrying a baby group and see that the select day to day is the most important for the future

Our Susú babies 37 days 8 weeks

Comes home to our giant Mara she will grow and learn to live with our bulldogs and care whole family...even take time...

Advance in the Portuguese championship Sella going to exhibitions and starts them with 4 months Vilma is showing the heritage and ways of their parents and grandparents...

 02.2011 Braña da Garepa Sella  

                    CAC -RCACIB International Dog Show Caldas da Rainha (Portugal), J. Luís Catalan (PT)

 12.2011   14ª Show National Monográphic of Breed -Santarém (Portugal)-J. Pat Davis (UK)


National Monographic of breed -Santarém (Portugal)-J. Pat Davis (UK) Best Baby of Breed

Braña da Garepa Vilma    Best Baby of Breed

Braña da Garepa Sella Excelent Open Class

National Show Santarem 2011 J. Ewa Nielsen (SE)
Internacional Show Santarém J. Rafael Malo  (ES)

Year 2012: In the first show of the year our Vilma considered Best Puppy of Breed winning the title Puppy Porto Winner 2012

  North International Show- Porto (Portugal) J.Kari Jarvinen (FI), Handler: Juanma Lopez

 74ª Exposiçao Canina Internacional do Norte (Portugal) 2012 - Kari Jarvinen (FI)

 Braña da Garepa Sella Our thanks to handler - Juanma Lopez

          75ª Exposiçao Canina Internacional do Norte  CAC- QC (Portugal) 2012 - J. Cathy Delmar (IE): EXC. 3ª bitch open class

02 / 2012: CAC Exp. Fafe (Portugal) J. Bas Bosch (BE) Braña da Garepa Sella

And finally after a year our Braña da Garepa Sella, 4ª generation of Braña of Garepa proclaimed ¡¡¡ Champion of Portugal !!!! really a dream come true, it would not be possible without the help of David Argibay, Alipio Martínez, David Ouvel and without consideration of the judges Stefan Sinko (SI), Luís Catalan (PT), Victor Raamsdonk (BE) and Bas Bosch (BE), our sincere thanks of all.

CAC Fafe show (Portugal) J. Bas Bosch (BE) Ch. Braña da Garepa Sella 

In spring, has left us unexpectly our Furniña  

for 7 years she has been with us day and night and whose absence is hard to beat......has left us an origin lady...

Enxa de Braña da Garepa After 2 litters great mom and has served as the best
Was the great teacher in the socialization of the puppies in their first out of home, will miss
"Merla" ...

Year 2013 For impossibility to go shows, we focus on breeding, new girls and boys stay at home.

BdG Anita  BdG Chamán both of them sire by Ch.UK. Kingrock Captain Cook

Other puppies of this year 


We have suffered the loss of the older Buxo de Braña da Garepa "López, the special" 

 with "eleven years and a half" has left us the king of the house, It has been the greatest and most childish of all.

  Amaranta de Anniversary "Broa" (23/03/2000 - 11/12/2013) has left us with almost 14 years!!

She has lived with our friends Alex, Mari, little Alex and Sarah always loving with cats with whom she lived, thanks for taking care so well !!!

But finally the year ends came with new illusions!!


The last day of the year, Vilma has decided to be a mom for the first time 7 cute babies

Year 2014

Litter 2014


07/ 2014: 123ª ECI Lisboa (Winner) 2014 J.Maria Harding (UK)

Best Puppy of Breed - "Puppy Lisboa Winner" - 2nd 2 Group P

"Braña da Garepa Delfos" (thanks for handler: Martina Novoa)

Crusheds Pride Sensation, "Area"  when she was baby with Lucas (Buxo de Braña da Garepa)

She got home after losing our first bulldog "Brana", she has given us lot of joy going to shows, always being qualified as excellent. She has lived giving love and protection to grandma always amazing relationship with their peers, and their playmate Athos, Tom and Rita until she has left us with 11 and a half years (04.27.2003 / 19-11 -2014). We thought in you!!

Braña da Garepa Chamán x Braña da Garepa Ximena 4 puppies - 2 girls & 2 boys

día 21

Year 2015  Begin the year with puppies Braña da Garepa Paz do Bo Karma x Braña da Garepa Delfos LPW



New Champion Gibraltar ""CH Braña da Garepa Dorna""

  Owned by Jose Cernuda & Martina Novoa (Adamantiumbull)