CH. Esp. Antón Lesca de Islandbull    



Our adopted Champion but MUCH MORE THAN A CHAMPION " Life in Garepa of our Antón


We Withdraw definitively our Champion of the exhibitions, in spite of the excellent results obtained in judgments of 2007 and though he is charmed with and enjoys Antón travelling to exhibitions, we will give step to his children and other excellent dogs that we will try to take when we prune to announce and to follow them in contact .... though it supposes a sacrifice for us.

Champion of Spain 2005  

Out-standing Shows

Monographic Territorial

2003 National  Monografic Exc. Young Class      

2004 National  Mono- CAC Pto.Obligatory Intermedia Class//       European CAC Pto Obligatory Intermedia class //                     Reserve Bulldog of the Year  

2005 National  Monographic 1st Champion class // Clasific. 3º TOP BULLDOG                                    

2006 Exp. Prim. 2nd Champion class      

2007 Exp. Primavera and National  Monographic 2nd Champion Class

 B.I.S. Asturias 2005 

  B.I.S. Galicia 2006  

  B.I.S. Cantabria 2007 

 B.I.S. Galicia 2007        

Antón's Participation in Bulldog of the Year 2005 and 2006 event to which winning dogs come only