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ADOPT!! Before you buy a puppy think the posibility of adopting. There are many waiting for a new home and you can save your life.                               



Breeding Braña da Garepa

* We can not understand breeding without live with our dogs

* We only have litters to stay with a bulldog thinking about our future dogs and for improvement of the breed

* Try not breed bulldogs out of the norm and that couldresult health problems

* The priority for us is the seriousness in the breeding and health of our dogs

* All litters were carried out after a selection according to each dog

* We prefer that our dogs can live in households live with their owners

* We avoid our dogs are given away to children or as a gift surprise, a pet is a responsability

* Our dogs are registered in the Spanish Origins Book (LOE) of the Real Sociedad Canina Española

* All our dogs used for breeding have been previously identified by DNA and HUU tested

* Deliver our dogs with all the formal documentation and recognition veterinarian previous